We were not looking forward to ring shopping. I’m not sure either of us has set foot in a jewelry store, and we assumed it would be a terribly expensive experience pocked by details we don’t care about and traditions we’re not following. We skipped engagement rings entirely.

Turns out, it was the easiest wedding-related decision we’ve had to make. We arrived wide-eyed and stupid, except for the knowledge that we’d stay away from yellow gold and almost certainly opt out of stones. Lovely Sue Silver at Worthmore Jewelers in Decatur dropped several rings in our knuckly little paws, including some that could make our house payment, and didn’t laugh at all when we asked about that most romantic of metals, titanium. Ti, or No. 22 on your periodic tables, is lightweight, affordable and awfully purty. It’s also a fine, fine metal for bike parts.

Within an hour, we were noshing on guacamole at Raging Burrito.

And yeah! We brought one of those fancy titanium numbers home for Jay. The order for mine goes in next week.


  1. Scott
    Posted May 24, 2010 at 3:52 am | #

    Nice choice of titanium. Marc and I wear rings from one of the other super-industrial metals: tungsten (W, for you chemists). Well, tungsten carbide to be exact. Very hard, shiny, never scratches and very wallet-friendly. Posting of photo of the Ti?

  2. jamie
    Posted June 2, 2010 at 3:35 am | #

    Oh, we looked at tungsten, too! I liked the look of it, but it was so, so heavy. Then again, maybe I’ll get the titanium on my hand and spend the rest of my life thinking it has slipped off without me noticing. That’s Jay’s ring in the photo — mine is on the way. Looks almost the same!

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